Between the Lines Press, Toronto, Ontario

64 duotone photographs and original essays by nine authors, including renowned investigator Noam Chomsky.

"What is striking about her portraits is the eyes of her subjects.....we don't just stare at Brière's people: They also stare back at us. Because she captured the human essence of East Timor, Brière's photographs turned out to be enormously effective as political art. After seeing her pictures, it was hard to dismiss East Timor as a faraway place of little consequence."

Jeet Heer, National Post, June 17, 2004



History Repeating Itself -- At the march in Washington, I saw passion, determination and sanity.

Published: October 27, 2005 --

The Struggle to Save East Timor A Vancouver photojournalist's 30-year commitment to a people besieged and ignored.

Published: October 26, 2004 --

East Timor: Testimony Between the Lines Interview -- In conversation with Anita Levin, March, 2004

Resurgence of the Canoe Nations -- Coastal First Nations gathered earlier this month in carved vessels to revisit their traditions. Elaine Brière was there with her camera.

Published: August 23, 2004 --

Something in the Air People & the Power of Protest -- By Catherine Louli, Photographs by Elaine Brière

Published: (1999 Dec/Jan 2000) issue -- Our Times

Our World at a Crossroads | A Quebec City Diary Article by Laurie Kingston, Photographs by Elaine Brière

Published: (June /July 2001) issue -- Our Times

Libby Davies & Vancouver's Downtown Eastside -- Article and Photographs by Elaine Brière

Published: (February / March 2001) issue -- Our Times


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